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Welcome to Bobbie’s Blossoming Bulletin!

Greetings Floral Family!

In case we haven’t met, I am Bobbie Malatesta. My floral background is pretty eclectic and I am honored to have had all the experiences I have had through my career. This included working for mass markets on the front line, FTD, private shop, distribution, procurement and executive leadership.

I will tell you a little story about how this all started… When I was 15 I worked for ShopRite as a cashier. I hadn’t taken my role too seriously and my till kept not balancing at the end of my shift. They thought I was a good employee, so they put me in Floral, as long as I didn't touch the register. This was the beginning of my love for the floral industry. Luckily, I was suspended from school Valentine’s week my senior year. This allowed me to cover the department during the holiday and from there, my promotions began, starting with department manager.

I worked in Floral in the mass market for most of my career and was rewarded personally and professionally for doing so. I have met amazing people, traveled and got training at various trade shows, and explored multiple farms in South America. I had the privilege to work with and learn from the greats like Rob Debellis and Jmh Schwanke.

The last few years, I have spent discovering who I am meant to be through self development. After ending a long relationship with gambling, I was left with a void. This was filled with more travel, creating my podcasts, lots of reading and a mountain of coaching and online learning.

This gift has allowed me to know about this extraordinary entrepreneurial life that I am currently experiencing. I have always been more fond of the business side of the floral industry, than the creative side. Give me a profit and loss statement and I will figure out how to increase the top & bottom lines. That is the part I thought of as fun. My journey of learning the last couple years, combined with my past roles, my recovery practices and college education have developed me in such a way that I feel called to help florists and the businesses in the floral industry continue to thrive and grow. Social media, marketing, & funnels are the topics I plan to share what I know and how it can help your business.

It is a great honor to be working with Sahid and David as we all work towards growing, connecting and innovating together!

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