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The Flower Wizard’s Wand March 2022

In this version of the Wand, I want to write about an organization that really helps all of us in the Flower business.

The organization is the Society of American Florists or more well-known as SAF.

SAF is an organization that is for all sectors of the Floral Trade. Retailers, Wholesalers, Growers, Breeders, Logistics, floral Consultants, and more are part of SAF. They are run extremely professionally and have an incredible staff. Being a member of SAF and taking part in some of their events or digesting their newsletters and magazines as well as webinars will only help your business flourish. They have many items on their annual calendar such as Profit Blasts, NextGen LIVE! the annual convention, and a whole lot more.

Recently the Wizard was elected to the growers’ committee and got to experience first-hand the March committee meetings as well as the task force meetings that proceeded the annual Congressional Action Days where all SAF members are invited to come to Washington DC and meet on the hill with your Congress members and their aids and discuss issues and laws that currently concern you and need change. Having a voice and being able to influence the future is paramount.

I strongly urge you if you are not a member of SAF to consider becoming a member or at least investigate becoming one. I would be happy to share my thoughts with anyone who contacts me as I can only see an upside for you and your business. SAF works extremely well with other industry organizations and groups. They are a great Think Tank and source for information. During the worst of covid, they really stepped up to the plate with constant information helping the industry cope with Logistic and Supply Chain challenges as well as with other major impacting issues.

To learn more about SAF please check out their website

This is not a paid advertisement. We at NBS & AAF believe in connecting people to people and to resources that will help the entire industry grow and bloom. Don’t forget to Innovate, Connect, and Bloom.

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