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The Complicated Floral Supply Chain: Why You Should Pre-Plan for Valentine’s

Warehouses, refrigerated trucks, airplanes, customs, and more – these are some of the complicated details behind the floral industry. Flowers may be easy for the customer to access, but there is extremely detailed planning behind their transportation and the entire floral supply chain.

The floral industry is well aware of the fact that flowers are perishable, difficult to transport, and need to be maintained via temperature-controlled airplanes and trucks – this is why they should prioritize pre-planning for Valentine’s Day.

Importance of the Floral Supply Chain

As any flower industry consulting firm will tell you, Valentine’s Day is exceptionally important in terms of revenue. In fact, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are two of the biggest floral holidays in the U.S., with Valentine’s Day alone making up more than a quarter of all sales.

In order to be prepared for this holiday, your cold chain supply must be reliable and quick – after all, you don’t want to be stuck with hundreds of roses after the holiday is over. Wholesalers secure their imports months ahead of Valentine’s Day and consult florists about sales. Being unprepared for this major holiday can result in a loss of revenue, sunk capital, and no supply.

Be Prepared!

Because of this, florists need to make a plan of action and stick to it – in this case, the early bird truly does get the worm. Amidst all the chaos, be part of the solution and start your planning early. Prepare your list and stick to it.

Place Your Orders Early

In addition to ordering flowers from suppliers early, florists need to make arrangements for supplemental materials, such as greenery, vases, ribbons, wire, and more.

Early Bird Specials

Early bird specials like free shipping, discounts, and free personalization can incentivize your customers and make sure that your sales don’t dwindle. As an added advantage, this also ensures less stress and rushing on an actual day.

Reach Out to Regulars

If you have an email list, or a text blast, hit up your regulars. Make sure that they know about your discounts and encourage them to buy early.

Double-check Your Online Presence

If you, as a florist, have a website and take advantage of e-commerce, the website design will need to be updated, promotions added, and all relevant information made available. This, and marketing, can be worked on in advance by hiring a flower industry digital marketing agency – designs, prices, and bundles will need to be authorized beforehand too.

Do Not Wing It

All of this does not include quality control, arranging for extra staff, working on delivery rates, or decorating the store. These are all important aspects to consider, which is why early preparation is key to successful Valentine’s Day sales.

This is especially important considering the effects of COVID-19. The novel coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the supply chain – in an already precarious industry, this just adds to the uncertainty. The only certainty you have in your preparation for the upcoming season.

Pre-preparing goes beyond simply ordering flowers – not only do they have to arrive on time, but they have to be properly cared for on the way. Therefore, to prepare for Valentine’s Day, the entire floral supply chain has to be considered – from farmers to transportation to wholesalers, every step going well is integral. By preparing early, you can minimize your risk of not getting the flowers you want – with COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the industry, there’s no telling what might happen.

Ensure Success

One of the ways to ensure that you’re ready for the Valentine’s Day rush is to put your faith in people who know exactly how to handle it. This is where New Bloom Solutions come in – we work with farmers, wholesalers, and florists to ensure success. We are familiar with every step of the floral supply chain and can provide you with innovative solutions to eliminate your problems. Whether you’re in need of marketing, website design, network connection, consulting, or staffing, we have you covered.

Contact us here or schedule a meeting with us for more information – let us help you make your business flourish!

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