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Make Digital Marketing A Part Of Your Company Sales Culture

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

In the last few years, there has been a major shift in digital platforms. The rise in these online platforms and social media outlets has opened new and exciting avenues for marketing businesses. While this shift has been in process for quite some time, COVID-19 has fast-tracked the progress. The demand for digital media marketing and social media management has significantly increased. Regardless of the nature of your business, online presence has become essential. It has proven to be more effective than conventional marketing practices.

Floral Industry

Today, when people are losing touch with the elements of nature, social media can help rekindle the flare. Specifically talking about floral businesses, social media allows an engagement that is crucial to the industry. With a significant increase in the amount of social media posts and accounts, the flower industry is connecting with the generation of social media better. Putting the magnificence of flowers out on their handles. These businesses trigger the imagination with their glorious floral designs and patterns, getting people to engage. Which in turn results in marginal business growth.

Benefits of Online Presence

We would like to share with you some essential reasons why you should promote the culture of digital marketing and social media management within your company and how it can benefit you as a business.

Understand Your Clientele Better

With a well-managed social media profile, you can get an insight into what your clientele is thinking. You could quickly get responses and that too from a broader group of audience. You can have polls, questions about the product, and your ideas. An integral part of human design thinking is to understand the clientele. Your online presence can help you with that by engaging with the clientele apart from the sales calls.

· You can understand better what product your target market likes

· You can understand different customers and how they work with your products

· You can predict and prepare better for the ongoing and upcoming trends in floral markets

· You can engage on a personal level with your clientele

· You can gauge your customers’ likes and dislikes and their customers' likes and dislikes as well.

Build Your Brand

Using digital marketing tools, you can have an outreach, far more than you could ever possibly get the conventional way. Using different online media outlets, you can start a conversation around your brand in a passive and genuine way.

Go Global

It is no doubt that if utilized correctly, social media is the tool that can put you on the map. People from all around the world can connect through the internet. Using the right social media management tools, you can reach your desired demographics more easily.

Customer Feedback Service

Through your digital platforms, you can manage customer feedback and care service like never before. You can have a dedicated and responsive team that can cater to the feedbacks and any customer issues. Having an online platform is much more feasible than having a traditional call system. Listening to customer’s builds trust and ensures loyalty.

It is crucial, for a floral business, to have a sales team that is well versed with digital media handling. Most of these businesses, big or small, have creative employed. When it comes to floral designs, floral products, the posts they can make are absolutely stunning. Creativity comes in handy with developing decent content, but that is not the only thing that will help you out with your online presence. If not managed well, it can all go to waste. The responsibility may lie on the shoulder of the sales team and the company as a whole. One should utilize content using social media tools at their disposal. These tools can help you get the targeted audience and traffic that can generate great prospects. Generated traffic, lead generation, and lead conversion rates are the metrics you need to judge your online presence. Social media can be used as a great prospecting tool in many ways- from understanding your customers better to generating new customers, staying engaged and much more.

If you want to win over the digital media world, it is important that you develop and support a team that understands digital marketing and social media management. You must be intentional with making digital marketing a part of your company culture or at the least a sales/prospecting tool- no matter your sector in the floral industry. Moreover, you should arrange training and workshops on digital media handling, since it is an evolving domain, one you have got to keep up with.

If you are a floral business looking for a consulting agency that can help you build a sales team, train and develop them from just sales-people to social media prospecting machines, we can help you. We have been working in the floral industry for the past 17 years. The floral industry has been our niche, we understand best what works and what doesn’t- let us help you dominate the digital floral space.

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