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Innovation in the Floral Industry: Speaking Roses

Updated: May 20, 2021

We at New Bloom Solutions and Above All Flowers, pride ourselves on introducing new innovations and finding unique and creative solutions to any and all floral industry problems, and at the same time finding new floral growth opportunities for all. This is why we have been especially impressed with Speaking Roses, a company that has the opportunity to help innovate the floral industry in a unique way- with their super fun and creative innovation. Read on to find how Speaking Roses adds value to customer's floral experience.

Innovation in the Floral Industry

As with any industry, innovation in the floral industry is integral to growth. From agricultural advancements and improvements in cold chain management to more sustainable options and the growth of e-commerce, the floral industry is ever-expanding and constantly innovating. Therefore, it wasn’t a surprise when someone combined flowers and personalization.

The Importance of Personalization

Personalization is important throughout the world. With increasing automation and shift to the digital space, it is especially important to incorporate a human touch into things. Personalization makes things unique and special and results in higher sales and increased ROI. Research conducted by Forrester showed that 89% of digital businesses are investing in personalization – from Nike to Coca-Cola to M&Ms, businesses are realizing the importance of personalization. 87% of businesses say that personalization has led to success, while 77% of customers have agreed that they would pay more for a brand that provided personalization.

How Speaking Roses Changed the Landscape

Speaking Roses hopes to change the landscape of the floral industry by embracing personalization and taking it to new levels of creativity. In the 1800s, people innovated and combined paper with expression, creating greeting cards – today, this is a Multibillion-dollar industry. Speaking Roses did the same, but with flowers. By inventing and patenting printing on flowers, they have set consumers’ imaginations free, and have allowed them to print anything from words and logos, art to full pictures on flowers.

Adding this new dimension to flowers, which are already a customized gift, has made them extremely successful. There’s now no need for a flower and a card – by purchasing Speaking Roses, you’re buying flowers that do the talking for you.

Part of their success is linked to the versatility and reach potential across many sectors and markets. Speaking Roses’ service isn’t just reserved for floral gifts – it can be used in industries like advertising, hospitality, wedding, corporate accounts, and more. From personalized graduation flowers to customized roses for a Coca-Cola marketing campaign, the possibilities of creations and design are endless. The marketing and added value potential is exciting- this product has the potential to go viral.

Speaking Roses are blooming

This kind of out-of-the-box thinking is exactly what is needed in the floral industry and gives all sectors of the floral industry an opportunity to increase their market share and reach potential. Not only is their printing process simple and cost-effective, but it is also efficient and can print up to 8 flowers per minute! Watch this in action here and be as amazed as us.

Additionally, they have gained mainstream success, and have been featured in more than 500 publications, including household names like Forbes, E! Entertainment, and People Magazine – they were even featured at the Oscars!

Their success has been fun to watch, and they have already won some awards to show for it – they were finalists at the International Horti-Fair Floral Show in Holland- back in the day and were given the honor of being voted the best product by the Promotional Products Association International- which is a pretty big deal.

All floral industry professionals in all sectors from wholesale, retail, events planners, mass-market and more, should take a look at the infinite creative possibilities Speaking Roses provides– We can’t wait to see what the floral industry’s innovators and out of the box thinkers will create.

If you would like more information you can reach out to Speaking Roses and Schedule a live or pre-recorded presentation here.

If you’re interested in floral industry innovations, be sure to check out our services as. Feel free to reach out to Sahid or David if you have any questions.

Bloom On!

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