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How to do a swipe up an ad for Instagram?

Instagram by Facebook is truly one of the most popular social media channels on the Internet with a wide-ranging choice of applications and usage. On Instagram, the user can upload images and use different kinds of filters to edit the picture and add an innovative look to the picture.

Over the years most of the updates have been added to Instagram to increase its popularity among the masses. Among them, the most important has been Instagram Story. A story can generally appear as an image or a video file that stays in the user's feed for 24 hours. Now Instagram has come up with a new feature called swipe up advertisements. If the user wants to provide swipe advertisements the user has to follow the following steps-

Step 01: Choose the image and select the link button at the top

If the user wants to add a swipe advertisement in the story then the user must first select an image that is worth providing on social media and allowing the target audience to see the image. Once the image is selected then the user must select a link which is provided at the top right-hand corner of the address bar. Once the link is selected the image gets in sync with the link and it gets uploaded as the story for the user.

Step 02: Enter the URL where the user wants the target audience to arrive

The user must then create a link for the target customers to arrive. The proper link-building procedure should be followed otherwise the entire process would not be completed. After providing attractive imagery, the target audience would get interested and would then engage with the post. Upon engaging, the prospective audience would find that to gain more information about the post the user has to click on the link after which the user would be redirected to the website domain that has been created by the user.

Thus it is very important that the image provided by the user is attractive and a basic idea of the deal is attached along with the image as well. Instagram marketing only prospers if the user can provide a catchy caption along with the post. Thus this is an area where the creative ability of the user would be tested to the hilt.

Step 03: Adding Texts to Swipe Up Advertisements and Completing the Process

After providing all the necessary details the user must add texts with the swipe-up advertisements. Adding the CTA (Call-to-action) like "Swipe Up for More" not only generates interest among the user but it also creates curiosity for the user to know about the product.


Thus effective use of Instagram and its popularity among the younger generation is extremely helpful and brings maximum impacts in promoting products and services. Let us know if you have any query regarding the same, our team of experts can guide you and give success in promoting the ad post on Instagram.

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