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Hot off the PRESS: Solent Air Launching New 747-400F flights Quito to MIAMI

Solent is launching new flights UIO to MIA proudly with Trans-Caribbean Airways Miami, Florida, 26JULY 2022

-Solent Air Corp, Airline operator GSSA, announced today its launching a new airline express service. Starting 27JULY 2022 on a Wednesday and then 2xs weekly Wednesdays and Saturdays for a minimum of 12 months.

"This is 1st new service UIO to MIA in many years" announced today by Gonzalo Mogollon President Solent Air in Latam. "we are launching new flights due to demand in the floral, fresh cut flowers, fruits and perishable commodity industry"

The first flight is scheduled 27July 2022 Arrival UIO 1900 hours Departure 2200 hours

Bookings : Cecilia.acosta@solent or +593 982 009 732

Solent The largest commercial air freight wholesaler in the United States.

Value. Efficiency. Reliability, "SOLENT"

Guaranteed freight and cargo delivery on time.

Experience Solent's innovative e-business solutions Your one-stop shop for freight and express services.

Ship perishable goods direct with Solent Around the world 24/7.

Competitive We make our customers - the world's freight forwarders and international express companies - more competitive by offering high quality services affordable and fast.

Value We work hand in hand with our suppliers to offer enhanced buying power for our customers and innovative, high quality service.

Global Solent is available at more than 137 airports around the world. We work with the best, leveraging our network to offer our customers great value for their investment.

Connected We offer premium IT services and e-business solutions for all of our customers to meet their transportation needs quickly and seamlessly.

Transparent We believe in open direct communications and we provide our customers with a high level of transparency at every step of the transport process. We're passionate about our work and building long-term, positive relationships with our customers.

For more than 27 years, Solent has partnered with leading brands to meet market demand, providing air cargo and freight services efficiently and affordable around the world.

Solent Freight Services Ltd. "Solent" began operations as a complete logistics company in 1994 and rapidly expanded to become a premier industry provider of cargo services.

Solent is 100 percent neutral as a wholesale freight forwarder acting as a virtual airline and selling to over 7,600 freight forwarding clients daily.

Based in New York City conveniently located in John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport, Solent has global offices in strategic locations and a highly trained team in North and South America and Eastern and Western Europe. Solent's locations include New York, NY, Miami, FL, Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL

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