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Fourteen Days to Love

The international day of love might be a few days away, but why wait? Love knows no bounds, nor does it see dates. Let us start the festivities today!

Here is what you need to do: -

· Put yourself out there! In order to find love, one must be bold. Mix it up a bit & create visibility using unique ways. Prepare small floral arrangements with visible cards and embellish them on the streets of your area. The cards must contain the name of your brand along with invigorating one-liner such as- ‘Someone, somewhere loves you!’ Quotes that delight & uplift a passing soul, maybe even skew them into your shop’s direction.

· Shower some Digital Love- Don’t forget to decorate your website & social media accounts. Alter the look of your pages with flowers used to Valentines- red rose and the likes. Initiate interactive polls such as- which bouquet looks better, the better restaurant for celebrations, etc. to drive more traffic. You may also email decorated messages or Valentine's day cards to your clientele offering them special deals & discounts.

· What’s your story? Encourage people to come forward and share their love stories, even if unrequited, or the epic love sagas they might have witnessed. Nothing spreads Valentine's vibes more than such anecdotes. The raw human element here will invite greater attention and make your page more relatable.

· Quarantine Valentine- These are quite unusual times we live in. Although restrictions have been relaxed, the style of celebrations would have to be dramatically different this year. Ask people their unique plans, how they intend to spend them with their loved ones? This will bring about interesting ideas, which may be helpful for undecided planners. Be sure to reward the best submissions with a gift or offering from your business.

· Not my Valentine! For those who hate this holiday with all their heart. We acknowledge romance and the rosy aspect of this day, but what about the days, presents, or people who didn’t live up to the grand expectations? Let’s acknowledge them all in your business page. Conduct a contest asking people to share their questionable choice of dates, strange gifts, or reasons for their dislike of this occasion. This quirky move will create quite a buzz and draw a lot more attention than conventional means.

· Love thy staff- “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. Take care of your staff and they will take care of your business” – Richard Branson. On this wise note, show some love to your employees too. Host a special meal for them. Encourage them to exchange notes of appreciation for each other. Display reviews of staff members in common areas, enlisting what you love about each of them, and so on!

· All shapes and forms! As we know it, there are all kinds of love out there. Some have less time; others are shorts on the dime. Create reasonable choices for students or other non-earners and be sure to prepare ready to carry options for the last-minute shoppers. Preparing options to honor love for parents, grandparents, children- human or furry, friends etc. will go a long way.

· Don’t forget the singles- It’s a tough day to be solitary, ease their moods if you may. Partner up with local take-out restaurants or spas & offer their discounts on each purchase from you. If you have the budget for it, host a party or speed dating event, etc. Inviting all singles to enjoy the company of others, maybe find love. What could be more special than that? The cost could be redeemed on entry tickets, food & beverage. You may even come out with some income.

Any ideas you think we missed? Do write and let us know.

Happy Valentine’s day, much love to you!

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