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David Kaplan, The Flower Wizard, Is A Flower Doctor Who Loves Sushi

21 Questions with the Wizard of Flowers himself.

Name: David Kaplan

Age (you can lie):39*

Floral Industry Sector: Consulting and market facilitation, customer and product development.

Company: Above All Flowers.

Years in floral industry: Lots! Since 1978 so, 43 years this May.


How did your Journey into the flower world begin?

Aunt and Uncle owned a wholesale florist and I started working summers when I was in High School and College.

What is the title you go by (or whatever you call yourself to people/clients who pay you)?

The Flower Wizard.

Who is your favorite floral-industry person or persona (living or passed)?

Sahid Nahim (living). Toots Armellini (passed).

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your j-o-b?

Anything and everything!

What was your first job within the floral industry?

Fall River Florist Supply.

What's your favorite flower?

Have too many, but Peonies and Roses are the top two.

How often do you have fresh flowers in your own home?

I try to have them all the time.

What's on your coffee table or desk right now?

My cat and Ethiopian Roses.

When is your wake-up time on work days?

Usually 6 to 6:30 sometimes 7am and earlier on holidays.

What do you think is the future of e-commerce and social media within the floral industry?

Very important and very necessary. We have become dependent on it and all of us check are phones and laptops constantly.

What do you dislike most about being in the flower industry?

Baby sitting logistics and chasing documents.

Within the flower industry, who or what is your mortal enemy?

I like to think that I have no enemies. As far as what is a mortal enemy I would say bad logistics or weather related production issues. We pride ourself on reliability and accuracy.

How has the pandemic affected you and your business?

It seems besides being the flower wizard I have also now become a flower Doctor. More companies on all levels have been coming to Above All Flowers than ever.

What makes someone a true floral profesh/pro in your sector?

Honesty, knowledge, and integrity.

Do you have a Valentine’s Day Season ritual or snack?

Things may be different this year with Covid but definitely Sushi and some Chinese food (not at the same time). Also, lots of almonds on my desk.

How is your approach to your customers different post COVID?

I try to help them with new ideas, employee training, technology, and overall solutions. Help them operate more efficiently in a new world.

What is one thing you learned last year which you will take with you for years to come?

Wear a mask and wash your hands! Seriously: quality, marketing and more exposure is key.

Pivoting is important- How have you “pivoted” your business or mind set to help address new expectations and behaviors of your customers?

Make life easy for customers. Always try to help satisfy their needs.

Where do you see the floral industry in the next 5 years?

More event businesses for the pent up demand from Covid. Mass market increases. Large florists getting bigger. More e-commerce changing demand for certain species of flowers.

Who do you consider the most innovative/trailblazer company or person in the floral industry past or current (any sector)?

That's a tough question and not an easy answer. Because there are a lot. Bearing that in mind, I would have to say David Cheever.

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