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Coaching The Winner’s Edge Years in floral industry: 40+

1. How did your Journey into the flower world begin? My former college roommate, a lawyer, and CPA were working with a Colombian family that was interested in growing and selling carnations into the USA.

2. The title you go by (or whatever you call yourself to people who pay you-even if you pay yourself) It can even be your superhero name? Advisor/Consultant/Success Mentor

3. Who is your favorite floral-industry person or persona (living or Passed Away)? The trailblazers of the 70’s

4. In one sentence, what do you do all day in your j-o-b? My day consists of, research - writing - helping others to reach their full potential.

5. What was your first job within the floral industry? Sales

6. What's your favorite flower? Roses

7. What's on your coffee table or desk right now? Principles by Ray Dalio

8. Tell us your favorite one-liner joke? We all have a favorite PG one. PASS

9. What do you think the floral industry needs to improve in the next five years? Marketing, Training

10. What is your secret weapon? Gratitude and Integrity

11. Within the flower industry, who or what is your mortal enemy? Does not exist

12. How can floral industry companies be more intentional about growth for 2021? Strategy and Execution

13. What makes someone a true floral profesh/pro? Integrity

14. How is your approach to your customer's different post COVID? The same... but virtual

15. What is one Motto you live your daily life by? (What’s a Motto with you??) Every day is a gift, and the quality of your life is your gift to yourself.

16. What is one thing you learned last year which you will take with you for years to come?

The value of virtual connections

17. Name the last book you read and one you would recommend floral business owners in the corporate level to read with their employees? My last book... “You Are A Badass”. The book I recommend is: “Brilliant On The Basics... A Playbook for Business Leaders”

18. If a floral industry company if looking to grow this year, what is one tip you would give them? Focus on better communication... Strategy - Clarity - Execution - and Inspect What You Expect

19. Where do you see the floral industry in the next 5 years? More consolidation through acquisition and merger... Greater direct to consumer companies... diversification.

20. Who do you consider the most innovative/trailblazer company or person in the floral industry past or current ( Any Sector) All the floral industry trailblazer from the 70’s and beyond.

21. What is one question you challenge the floral industry professionals should ask themselves this year? If the rate of change outside your organization, is greater than the rate of change inside your organization; the end is near. So how and why are you changing???

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