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Bloomy Pro: the first-ever 3D floral software to personalize your own digital bouquet

We can all agree that 2021 has been the year of a powerful digital adaptation for many industries. As each day passes, technology and innovation are becoming the new normal in the market, meaning that nowadays you can do everything digitally, with only one click away. Companies that have thought about how to digitize and revolutionize the industry are the ones thriving. Today, we want to introduce the perfect example of what innovation truly is: BloomyPro, a company that has integrated both technology and digitalization to create the first-ever 3D floral software.

Introducing Eric Egberts, Founder and CEO of BloomyPro was born and raised in the Netherlands and has always had passion and love for the floral industry. He has been actively working, participating, and growing throughout various areas in the floral industry. As a young kid, Eric remembers that flowers brought so much attention to his mind. He later joined his father visiting growers in the Netherlands, which marked the beginning of his career in the floral industry.

Eric has worked for various well-known floral companies, where he was able to expand his unique abilities and become a skilled floral entrepreneur. After acquiring software development skills, Eric was ready to conquer the floral industry with his most innovative digital creation: BloomyPro, the first 3D software to create your own digital bouquets and endless floral combinations. Let's get into some of the questions from our interview with Eric!

  1. What is BloomyPro and why did you feel there was a necessity to create such a digital service?

  • “We wanted to unlock the potential possibilities of creating and combining thousands of flower varieties that exist in the world. When using BloomyPro, you can create stunning bouquets with our digital software where you can choose different colors, themes, and from more than 3,000 flower varieties.”

  1. What are three benefits of BloomyPro?

  • The first benefit has to do with creating. By using BloomyPro you can easily create bouquets online 24/7 and maximize your creative floral abilities. You also get the chance of using free templates and have real-time co-creation.

  • The second benefit, said by Eric, has to do with sharing. “One of the biggest benefits you can get by using BloomyPro is sharing. You can create a bouquet and with one click you can share it on any social media platform. In BloomyPro follow these 3 steps: create, click and share, and just like that your arrangements can be shared worldwide.

  • “The last benefit provided by this incredible software is that you can save costs and money because we have a cost calculation tool on our website. By using BloomyPro you won't be spending on samples because you won't have to throw away any flowers that are not in the right conditions or that may go directly to the trash.”

  1. Why do you think BloomyPro is a revolutionary service for the floral industry?

  • “We are the only tool available in the world that enables a personalized digital bouquet. This is the key factor when creating a revolutionary service, make sure that your clients will be able to personalize and get an idea of what they are creating with personalization details.”

  1. What is the target audience for BloomyPro? Who can use this digital service?

  • “We have a big group of users that are mainly students in the USA. But why students? We have about 5,000-6,000 students that are learning daily with us because we give them free educational floral tools and strategies that they might not have had the opportunity to learn at the moment because of financial reasons to pay for a complete career. BloomyPro apart from letting you create personalized bouquets, has become a potent, online tool for floricultural education. Our main audiences include florists, floral designers, wholesalers, retailers, mass markets and supermarkets, and of course our students.”

  1. What are some of the most important goals clients can reach by using BloomyPro?

  • “First and most importantly, the main goal is cost reduction. You will be saving costs on sampling and creating bouquets that you have already created daily. We can save our planet by avoiding all that sampling and throwing out millions of flowers. Retailers spend around 1.2% of their annual turnover on sampling costs, just imagine that!” and that is just one florist.

  1. Was the pandemic a challenge for BloomyPro?

  • “Not at all! during the pandemic, everything became digital. We were focused on innovation and, with hard months of work, this incredible digital software was born”.

  1. What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs in the floral industry who want to create a digital service?

  • “Go out to customers and ask what is the biggest challenge they are facing. Don’t ask if they like your product because they will for sure say yes. Ask them what their challenge is today and how big their challenge is. This will get you thinking about how you can solve your clients' challenges."

We want to give Eric Egberts a special thanks for being part of such an educational interview. We can't wait to see you thrive and keep innovating in this digital service you have created for the world to use, being only one click away. If you want to know more about BloomyPro and its services, please visit We highly encourage you to sign up for two weeks free and try this tool out. Now is the time to Innovate, Connect & Bloom.

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