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A List of Floral Industry Conferences

Flower industry conferences and shows are extremely valuable for everyone, from farmers and distributors to wholesalers and florists, and are an excellent way to network with others in the industry, form business relationships with growers and suppliers, and even find potential clients. The following flower industry conferences and shows are upcoming and can be great places to market your products, build relationships, and identify marketed trends.

International Floriculture Expo

September 16-18, 2021, Miami Beach, FL

The International Floriculture Expo is one of the biggest B2B flower industry conferences and shows in the world, and the biggest in North America. It hosts approximately 200 exhibitors and 5000-20000 visitors each year and combines all aspects of the floriculture industry by bringing in a variety of businesspeople like wholesalers, suppliers, and florists. In addition to cut flowers, the conference also focuses on accessories, potted plants, and seedlings.

PMA Fresh Summit

October 28-30, 2021, New Orleans, LA

This trade event consists of individuals from both, produce and floral industries, and is especially important because of the presence of global leaders and people from the entire supply chain. In addition to hosting approximately 100-500 exhibitors, the event hosts more than 20,000 visitors every year. This exposition is known for its focus on innovation in floral products and services and sustainable packaging options.

SAF Orlando 2021

September 21-23, 2021, Orlando, FL

This annual conference from The Society of American Florists brings together everyone in the floral industry to network and innovate. It involves social events, workshops, educational sessions, and even focuses on floral trends, new opportunities, and developments in floral technology. No matter your role in the floral industry, you’re sure to learn from this comprehensive event.

WF&FSA 2021 Floral Distribution Conference

June 7-9, 2021, Miami, FL

The Floral Distribution Conference focuses on the entire floral industry and gives attendees the opportunity to network with wholesalers and suppliers. Hundreds of breeders, growers, importers, exporters, and shippers from all over the country come to discuss and celebrate all things floral.

Floral Industry Networking

Flower industry conferences and shows provide countless opportunities to network with those in the floriculture industry. From learning about business opportunities and strategies to discovering innovative products and packaging, these trade shows are a treasure trove of knowledge.

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