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5 best things and the 5 worst takeaways from mother's day 2021

Updated: May 12, 2021

Mother’s Day 2021 was for many the best week in the history of their company. Demand throughout the country for flowers and plants was off the charts. We have done a quick recap of the best and worst of Mother’s Day 2021.

Best five:

  1. Record-Breaking Demand and strong market

  2. Great quality of flowers for the most part

  3. Availability better than expected

  4. Marginal companies had trouble procuring flowers allowing a better playing field for quality companies

  5. Most companies had an incredible sell-through and demand the day after mother’s day for restocking was very strong

Worst five:

  1. Logistics were a nightmare (some related to the pandemic) Many delays

  2. Prices were over-inflated some due to exceptionally high freight rates and labor costs and some price gouging

  3. Shortage of labor and quality logistics

  4. Strike in Colombia contributed to shortages and logistic problems

  5. Pandemic related issues that still exist that have interfered with the way business used to be conducted (the new normal)

To quote one wholesaler:

"Happy Mother’s Day. I think this was the biggest week we have ever had in our history. Hard to figure. People came out of the woods. Amazing how much money people are spending on flowers. We are really in a beautiful industry. We make a lot of people very happy. But it can be very exhausting doing it. "

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