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The BloomShow with host Sahid Nahim, a floral industry marketing, and business development consultant. The purpose of "The Bloom Show" is to inspire innovations and community within all sectors of the floral industry.


We will cover topics such as floral industry marketing, innovation, customer service, employee development, e-commerce, logistics, and much much more. We hope to create a platform where we can all come together no matter your sector from florist to growers and everything in-between- to generously share insight, vision, and our passion for this great industry.


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Hosted by Sahid Nahim and with guest panel moderator Megan Conyers. The goal of this special Bloom Show episode is to find solutions through collaborations and for the industry to hear a unified message of the issues and solutions spanning all sectors of logistics and perishable cold chains within the flower industry and others. The show will be held on May 19th, 2022 at 12:00 PM EST and will consist of David Armellini of Armellini Logistics, Christine Boldt of AFIF, Simon Milne of Solent Freight Services, and Sharon Garcia of Crowley Logistics.

We are so excited to be joined by Pieter Landman, CCO of Sande Flowers, as we talk about the supermarket trends and other European and North American trends that are changing throughout this pandemic. On Thursday, May 12th, 2022 at 12:30PM, tune in with us as we find out more about Pieter and Sande Flowers.

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We are so excited to be joined by the host of “J Schwanke’s Life in Bloom” on Public Television and Create TV Networks which have over 92 Million Households reach each week, J Schwanke. Join us as we talk about the 30-Minute TV Show about flowers every week on TV and the benefits of this in the floral industry, their Season 4 Premiere, CREATE TV Marathon, and many more.

We had the privilege to have Williee Armellini of Flowers and Cents join Sahid previously as a co-host in the special editions of "The Bloom Show". In this episode, we are so thrilled to have the honor to invite Williee this time as a guest! 

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Join us with Corrine Heck from Details Flowers and Mike Black from Jet Fresh Flowers and Growers as we talk about their new collaboration working together and how their experiences were at SAF CAD. Tune in as Sahid speaks to these 2 new friends and highly respected people in the industry and we are super excited to have them on board. 


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March is another month of amazing collaborations here at The Bloom Show. We will start it off with Gabriel Becerra, President of the WFFSA, and Dominique Abney, Director of Marketing and Sales of WFFSA. It's fascinating to learn about the flower movement. So join us on this episode as we learn how wholesalers, florists, and growers can all contribute to the flower movement.

The Bloom Show will be live at WFFSA again this year, bringing you industry professionals to discuss various marketing initiatives and women leadership. To commemorate today's Women's day, we'll have two special shows: the Women's Day Roundtable and the Marketing Roundtable.

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It's a fantastic opportunity to sit down with industry leaders once more and discuss various floral industry marketing initiatives and how wholesalers, growers, distributors, and florists may benefit and become a part of the efforts.

Flower Moxie has grown from a company that nets thousands of dollars in sales to millions. Before we end the month, we will be joined by the Kingpin of Moxie, Liam Neeson of Weddings, Owner and Founder of Flower Moxie, Amy McCord Jones. Tune in to find out more.

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Vonda LaFever, a fearless founder/leader, energizer bunny, and CEO of Flower Clique will be joining us to talk about the importance of building a community within the flower industry and how important websites will be in the future for all sectors of our industry. Tune in to know more!



We are kicking off 2022 with flower care and solutions experts, Jim Kaplan of Chrysal USA Inc. and Steve Daum of FloraLife. Make sure to join us live this January 13th, 2022 at 12PM EST as we bring you tips on how the floral industry can improve on floral care handling and other solutions when it comes to logistics and flower care products.

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Edwin Verdezoto, Owner and President of Royal Flowers will be our guest to tell us about how he started the company and how he became one of the first to bring roses into Miami on Spec. We will also hear about how they are working on their new and innovative products.

October is here! Rodrigo Leiva from Esmeralda Farms will be joining us as we talk about the great innovations Esmeralda Farms has come up with and how this is relevant to our industry. Rod will also share a great resource that will be very helpful to the floral industry.

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Next up, we will kick it off with the President of Splendor Proteas, Eli Perez. Find out how growers like him came into the flower industry. Growers, wholesalers, and florists can learn more from him about Proteas. Watch our interview and hear about his other helpful insights about the floral industry.

This is one of my favorite interviews. Great insight in how being aware of international trends and having a diversified team can help a company grow and innovate. We got to know more about Verdissimo, about the cool preserved flowers, the process behind it, as well as producing roses. Jaime Borge and Yenelly Vidal also shared some great innovations they offer.

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Stay tuned as we have another special guest in this Floral Wholesaler month where we will be bringing you insight into the wholesale sector post-COVID. We had the owner of Berkeley Florist Supply in the house, Morey Moss! We will talk about the main challenges wholesalers face since Covid.

It's been amazing to have Nick Fronduto of Jacobson Floral Supply as our guest. Find out what he has to say about freight costs and the challenges of hardgoods suppliers as it relates to increased demand and sourcing challenges that have arisen as a result of the pandemic.

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Discover how CARGOLITE's amazing product can help with all the issues the floral logistics industry is experiencing. It was fun having our guest Amnon Zamir from CARGOLITE on another Bloom Show episode.

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It was a really cool time having AFIF's Executive Vice President, Christine Boldt, on the show. Learn more about the Association of Floral Importers of Florida and its role in the floral industry.

We had an awesome time interviewing the President of South Florida Transit, Alex Cano about how South Florida Transit helps out with the existing issues the flower industry is facing today in terms of logistics as we talked about floral logistics. 

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It was a pleasure speaking with Suzette Gotor of Cal Air Cargo It was amazing to learn how the floral industry can be more intentional in working together in the logistics aspects. 

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