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The Bloom Show WFFSA Edition 2021


Tune for our special  WFFSA " Better Together, Stronger Together" "Bloom Show" episode - as we partnered with industry leader William Armellini from Flowers and Cents to interview 3 groups of competitors in the floral industry.

This project was an honor for me. Firstly I was able to work alongside Williee Armellini a legend and trailblazer in my book and secondly- I was able to interview 6 of our industry's most respected experts.

This was an experience I will not soon forget. I was truly impressed and humbled by how 6 competitors at one point or another came together to share their love and passion for the floral industry and how openly they discussed the obstacles they faced during COVID and are still facing today.

Thank you again to Williee Armellini and to all of the guests who spent time out of their busy schedules to sit down with us both.  A special thank you to WFFSA and Molly Mullins for all of your support.  

NBS - The Bloom Show June Guest List (1)

We had the pleasure of speaking with  Executive Vice President of WFFSA, Molly Alton Mullins. It was a great experience in learning how WFFSA has become stronger and more agile during Post Covid. Tune in and learn how WFFSA was different this year compared to all other years in the past. 

We had special guests, Brad Quinn of Prime Inc., and David Armellini. We have been told by many that this interview was the most valuable "Bloom Show" episode ever. Tune in a hear from two of the biggest cold chain logistics leaders in our industry. David and Brad were completely open and transparent on what is going on in our industry at the moment, our hats go off to these two gentlemen for coming together to share a unified message. 


We had special guests, Anne M. Stewart of Smithers-Oasis Company, and Dwight Larimer of Design Master color tool inc.


As many may know these companies have teamed up together and are now under the same umbrella. It was such an insightful interview into how these companies came together and what the future holds for both of them. The best part was to witness the amazing respect and appreciation these two great floral industry leaders have for each other. 

In this episode, we had the famous J.D. from Deliflor and Ana Maria from Danzinger.   These two guests truly showed us how Better Together and Stronger Together is truly a thing. The mutual respect and appreciation for each other's company and hard work was on full display. This interview was so much fun and we look forward to doing it again soon.