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David had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sahid Nahim of "New Bloom Solutions" on "The Bloom Show".

It was a great experience and he would like to introduce Sahid Nahim and his innovative company to you. In the interview you will learn the origin of the Flower Wizard handle. Here at Above All Flowers David understands the importance of supporting our customer's business growth and that is why he would like to introduce you to Sahid Nahim and New Bloom Solutions.

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Above All Flowers is a consulting and market facilitation company founded by David Kaplan after a long career as the COO of a large flower wholesale company in New England. David anticipated the disruptive impact/opportunity of the changes in transportation, communications, but most of all the internet and B2B and B2C markets and marketing.


So about more than 13 years ago using his deep knowledge of the floral industry of sources, distribution, transportation, and opportunities for improvements he started AAF to help connect those with products to those who needed them - In a word Market Facilitation. He also provides advisory services using his years of experience to help clients with product sourcing, best practices, and business issues.


In our role of market facilitation, we (AAF) work with farmers, growers, distributors, etc both here in the USA and around the world including Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Israel, South Africa, Ethiopia, Holland, and try to connect people who have interesting or unique floral products with people in the floral industry who might be interested in purchasing them.


We communicate via email campaigns using the Constant Contact platform about our client's products when they are available for purchase i.e. when a flower is in season. For example - we present opportunities to purchase peonies from Israel, Morocco, North Carolina, then from Oregon than from Alaska and also from Chile as each crop is harvested.


David works directly with farms, growers and when someone who receives the emails presenting a specific product, shows interest in that item we connect them directly to the grower, importer, supplier and our part is complete.


All product fulfillment and billing are handled by the supplier - AAF does not invoice anyone for the product. We are, in essence, a part of the marketing team for our clients.
So welcome and I hope you enjoy and benefit from some of the beautiful products we represent

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Here is just a sampling of some of the products Above All Flowers offer.

David is called The Flower Wizard for a reason. If it is in the season he will find it for you and if you grow it he will connect you to customers. 
Combing Above all flower's procurement magic and New Bloom Solutions digital marketing, email marketing, and networking skills they are sure to help your business achieve its 2021 goals and beyond. 
David has worked with Sahid since the beginning of New Bloom Solutions. Sahid's hands-on experience in the Floral Industry is why New Bloom Solutions understands this Industry. He offers great understanding and knowledge to help a company in all facets of the Floral industry.
Sahid can help you if you are a breeder, grower, importer, wholesaler, retailer, event planner, transportation company, e-commerce company or technology company, or any other type of floral operation.
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Some of Sahid's and "NBS" skills and capabilities includes

  • Latest technology and marketing 

  • Website development and design 

  • Consulting and floral talent industry recruiting 

  • Digital Marketing, social media management services, training and consulting

  • Fresh flower inspection services, and much more

  • Floral Influencer representation and services

Sahid will improve your business and increase your sales using his vast talents, business solutions/services, and network! Just like "Above all Flowers" NBS believes in the power of networking and helping our fellow industry peers along the way.

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New Bloom Solutions Company Brief

The flower market is one of the world's most dynamic, ever-evolving industries. With exceptional cross-segment expertise, New Bloom enables businesses to adapt to this change-turning ambitious goal into reality. From retailers to front-line farmers, New Bloom partners with clients at every segment of the supply chain to help transform their organizations, embed innovation into all that they do and build businesses that thrive.

With over 17 years of floral industry experience, New Bloom Solutions offers Website development, SEO, Digital Marketing, Talent Acquisition, Business Development, Marketing/Digital & Social media consulting, eCommerce Consulting, and many more innovative business technology solutions and services. New Bloom Solutions understand all aspect of the flowers industry and can walk you through the entire process of their services in language you can understand.


The difference between New Bloom Solutions and any other Marketing and Website development agency is that NBS understands the floral business and your goals clearly and that means more customers and more sales with less frustration and less time and money spent on your end.

New Bloom Solutions' passion is flowers, and its mission is to help all sectors of the floral industry to grow, innovate and connect together with Above all Flowers they are sure to provide you with the service you need to be successful for years to come. 

Innovation is here to stay- join us in being the change.

David Kaplan

All Above Flowers

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Sahid Nahim

New Bloom Solutions

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We believe in the power of networking and collaborations